After you’ve gathered some gorgeous flowers, it’s time to have some fun and arrange them into a work of art! Arranging flower bouquets can be daunting, but with a little effort and imagination, you’ll end up with a beautiful arrangement that will fill your space with happiness for days. First, choose a lovely vase, then add in some filler material for structure. Finally, let your creativity flow as you position the flowers however you’d like.

A flower vase is an integral part of flower arrangement and decoration. It not only provides water for the cut flowers but also helps to keep the flower arrangement in shape, allowing it to be displayed beautifully. A vase can also provide support to blooms, allowing them to stay in a more aesthetically pleasing position. When selecting a flower vase for your flower arrangement, it is important to consider the overall look and size of the flower arrangement. By choosing a flower vase that suits the style and size of the flower arrangement, you can help ensure that your flower display looks its best throughout your event.

3 Simple Guide to Arrange Flower in a Vase

How to Pick the Perfect Vase

The Man Places a Flower at the Base
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  • Choose a vase with an hourglass shape to display single bouquets. This type of vase is designed with a round bottom that gradually becomes narrower at the neck, where it then has a flared opening. The narrowness near the top is important because it will hold flowers in place and make the arrangement appear more polished and finished.
Multiple Bouquets in One Vase
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  • If you want to put multiple bouquets in one vase, choose a large, wide-mouth option. Flowers look lovely in a vase, but if you have too many for a small one, then go with a wider-mouthed option so the stems can breathe.
Violet Tulip Flower in  Cylinder Vase
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  • Use a tall cylinder vase for tulips and other flowers that have a tendency to droop. For tulips, choose a vase that can support at least 2/3 of the height of the tulips after cutting them down to size. This way, the blooms can hang over the edge of the vase deliberately, creating an attractive draped appearance. If more structure is needed, try grouping some in together with a rubber band in the middle. The remaining blooms can then gracefully droop over the side of the vase.
Red Rose in Cube Shape Vase
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  • If your flowers have stiff stems, try using a low cube. The ideal vase for roses and similar flowers with stiff stems, such as sunflowers is small, low, and cube-shaped. The flower’s stem provides sufficient support so that not much help from the vase is necessary to create a cohesive arrangement.
Simple Limited Flower in Bud Base
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  • Choose a small bud vase if you have limited flowers. If you have smaller flower arrangements, these vases are perfect for you. They can also Showcase more unique flowers that don’t need extra greenery to fill the space.

Providing Structure for Your Flowers

A man Hair Tie the Red Rose
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  • Gather flowers together using a clear elastic hair tie. To make your flowers fuller and prevent them from falling over in the vase, try pulling a clear elastic hair tie over the stems. If you position the rubber band at the water line, it will be invisible.
Man Add Clear Tape Over the Top of The Vase
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  • To create structure, criss-cross clear tape over the top of the vase. Create an appealing, dome-shaped arrangement by using the following steps. First, placing several parallel lines of thin, transparent tape over the top of the vase and space them far enough apart that you can fit stems between them. Second, add a few strips of tape perpendicular to the first set which will form a grid with small squares—this is where you’ll place your stems. The grid created enforces stability so your flowers don’t fall over.
Man add Tree Branches to Support Flower
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  • To support your flowers, use tree branches. Clear ties can be used to attach branches together if you want the arrangement to have a support against a wall or shelf. If the arrangement will be visible from all sides, then tying a few branches in the middle of the vase will create a central support for your bouquet. By doing this, not only will the branches offer structure to your floral display, but it’ll make it less visually distracting than having one big branch at the back of the vase.

Best Way to Place Flowers in Your Vase

Adding Fresh Flower in a Vase
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  • Fill your vase with fresh, cool water. Fill the vase three-quarters of the way full withcool water. Go any higher and risk spillage when adding flowers, but too little will cause dehydration.
Adding Bleach in Water
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  • Mix in a few drops of bleach with the water. If you don’t have a packet of water formula to add to the vase with your flowers, bleach is an effective replacement. The packets are meant to keep bacteria away from the flowers, and bleach will do likewise.
Arranging Flowers and Remove any Leaves
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  • To arrange your flowers, first remove any leaves. The first step is to identify the flowers you want to use as your main focus, and then choose some additional filler blooms and greenery. Once you have your bouquet sorted, remove any leaves that will go down below the waterline in your vase; if these submerged leaves aren’t removed, they’ll rot and reduce the lifespan of your arrangement.
Cutting Stem Flower
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  • Gently cut the flower stems with a sharp knife or garden clippers, being careful not to damage the flowers. After you’ve chosen the ideal height for each stem by holding it up to the vase, cut the stem at a 45-degree angle. By angling your cuts, you create more surface area for each flower to absorb water and stay fresh longer.
Mothers Day Aberdeen Flowers
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  • As you go, place the largest flowers in the center, crisscrossing their stems. Begin by adding the flowers that will take up the most space. Set the first stem in such a way that the bottom is seated on the side of the container across from where bloom emerges. For added stability, you can place rocks or marbles in  the vase before adding water and stems. The next step is to lay stems diagonally over one another as you rotate placing each new flower until desired fullness is achieved.

Final Thought

Anastasia Florists offers an extensive selection of vases to help you create the best arrangement for your event. Our vases come in a variety of styles, shapes, and colors so that you can find the perfect one to make your bouquet of flowers stand out. From tall, slender pieces perfect for larger bunches to elaborately designed pieces with intricate details, Anastasia Florists has the perfect vase to fit your needs. We also carry a selection of hand-painted vases that can add an elegant touch to any arrangement. Our Florists’ dedicated team is here to help you create the perfect floral display for your event with our high-quality vases. Visit our website today to find the right vase for your arrangement.

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