Anastasia Florists has a wide selection of floral arrangements and decorations that are perfect for any holiday table. Whether you’re looking for a simple centerpiece or an elaborate garland, Anastasia Florists has it all. Their expert florists can help you create the perfect look for your tablescape with their high-quality flowers and greenery. 

There are many ways to style a holiday table, and there is no wrong way. Picking a theme will help you put together a cohesive table. We’re going to give you some tips on styling as well as cover different theme options. By the time you finish reading, you’ll be ready to style a beautiful table for your next holiday gathering.

The Best Ways to Style Your Holiday Table This Year

When it comes to decorating your tables, you have two main options. The first is a Runners and Single focal point.

Runners work best on large, long tables, as they help bring the group together. On small tables, it is more practical to use a single focal point like a holiday bouquet or pumpkin; however, make sure everyone at the table can still easily see and communicate with each other. The table decorations can tie in the overall theme of your company and create a more festive atmosphere for guests. With careful planning, you can choose the perfect option to make your gathering memorable 

Table decorations are one of the most important elements in creating an enjoyable event for all your guests, so take some time to consider the right options for you. The right decorations can make a big difference in setting the tone of your gathering and making it memorable no matter what size your table is, choosing the right table decorations will help create an inviting atmosphere and bring out everyone’s best conversation and laughter. Have fun with it!

Natural Elements in Interior Decor

White Flower with Candle Decor in Table
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Natural elements in interior decor can be a great way to add cheer and life to any living space. With the start of 2023, why not consider something more interesting than traditional fake flowers? Opt for seasonal mini roses in round flower boxes instead! Not only will they provide an eye-catching display, but you don’t have to worry about cleaning up the foliage. The round flower boxes can be used as part of your holiday table décor, as they come pre-treated to stay fresh much longer than traditional flowers. Consider mini roses in round flower boxes for a great way to bring natural beauty and life into your home this holiday season! 

Metallic Theme

Metallic theme decorating is becoming increasingly popular for all types of occasions. Metallic tableware, such as dishes and cups, are the perfect starting point to begin a metallic themed look in 2023. Gold and silver are the two most popular color options when it comes to creating this type of design.

Candle Decorations

Candle decorations are a great way to add a warm, inviting look to your holiday dinner. Tapered candles are an especially popular choice this year- select a few variations of colors for the best outlook. Candle and regal roses together make for the perfect combination that adds depth and charm to any tablescape.

Remember, when decorating with candles and roses, it’s important to consider the overall theme in order to create a cohesive look. Candle light, roses and other holiday decorations will help bring your holiday dinner tablescape together. With a little bit of planning and creativity, you can easily create an elegant and inviting atmosphere for all of your family and friends to enjoy. To create a happier atmosphere at home, we advise utilising Christmas flowers at your table.

Vibrant Colours

Vibrant colours are a great way to make the holiday decorations stand out. A bouquet of miss rosy flowers can add a splash of colour and become a beautiful centerpiece on the dining room table. You can also use candy cane and other colorful holiday decorating elements to create your own unique look. With the right combination of colours, you can create a cheerful atmosphere that will be sure to make your guests feel welcome. Vibrant colours are the perfect way to give your holiday decorations the boost they need!

Flower You Can Use in Table Decoration

Flowers can be a great addition to any table setting, and there are many different types that can be used. Here are some of the most popular varieties:


Tips on Styling A Holiday Table
Source: Sortra

Rose is the most popular flower used to decorate tables and it adds a special touch of beauty and romance to any celebration. Rose petals come in a variety of colors, from the traditional reds and pinks to bright oranges and yellows. Rose petals can be used for various decorations, including centerpieces, flower bouquets, corsages, and more. Rose petals also look great scattered around the table in large arrangements or just as a single stem in a glass vase. Rose petals are perfect to make any event special – they add color, fragrance, and romance to any occasion. 


White Daisy in Flower Vase
Source: Bill O’Shea’s Flowers

Daisy is a great choice for venue decorations. Its charm works perfectly with rustic and vintage affairs, making it ideal for centerpieces, bouquets and arrangements. Daisy flowers are low-maintenance and can be easily combined with other varieties of flowers to create a stunning look. Daisy flower decoration also adds a touch of sophistication to any event or celebration . Daisy flowers are available in a wide range of colors and varieties, making them ideal for any kind of event or occasion. 


Carnations in glass dining table with radiator and room interior background
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Carnations are a perennial favorite for any event, from weddings to graduations. Carnations are a beautiful and affordable way to decorate your special day. With colors ranging from pink and white to red, purple, yellow, and even green there is a hue of carnation to match any theme or color scheme. Carnations also have the added benefit of lasting longer than other cut flowers, and they even dry out well so you can cherish your special day for years to come. Carnations can be used in a variety of ways to add an elegant touch to any event – from hanging them in garlands and curtains, creating beautiful centerpieces with them, or simply making bouquets that will make any room feel special. Carnations are the perfect choice to add elegance and glamor to your next event.


Blue and purple hydrangeas sit in glass vase on wooden dining table
Source: EatingWell

Hydrangea is a unique and beautiful flower that can be used to make any occasion special. Its soft texture and delightful palette of colors make it the perfect addition to wedding bouquets, graduation centerpieces, and other arrangements. Hydrangea is especially popular during summer months due to its bright shades of pink, blue, purple, and white.


White Orchid in Glass Vase
Tips on Styling A Holiday Table 1

Orchids represent the charm and beauty that makes them the best option for wedding flowers. Whether the wedding theme is traditional or modern, the orchids look gorgeous in full arrangement or a minimalistic single stem in a glass vase. These delicate flowers are available in several varieties and shades whose beauty will sweep you off your feet.

Final Thought

Anastasia Florists specializes in styling holiday tables with beautiful event flowers. We have a wide variety of the highest quality event flowers that range from roses, lilies, sunflowers to tulips, orchids and other exotic blooms. These festive blossoms are perfect for making your celebration unforgettable! All these event flowers are hand-selected for their freshness and beauty, making sure that your table looks spectacular.

Anastasia Florists also offers unique floral arrangements, such as centerpieces or online bouquets tailored to meet your needs.

You can count on the highest quality of event flowers to make sure your celebration is nothing short of perfection! Go to our shop and order same day flower delivery in Aberdeen today!

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