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Our Flower Delivery Service in Newtonhill Will Deliver it to Your Door

Your flower orders will be taken by our excellent florists. Any last-minute event will be enhanced by our flower delivery. Look through our online contemporary flower assortment to choose the ones that are most appropriate for your friends and family.

Our professional florists will create beautiful flower arrangements and gift baskets for every occasion, all while providing you with the best possible customer care.

Our florists in Newtonhill will produce a beautiful bouquet for you, and our flower delivery service will deliver it to your door.

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Sending Flowers to Newton is a Beautiful Way to Show How Much You Care


Newtonhill is a small village located five miles north of Stonehaven and ten miles south of Aberdeen. A vibrant community exists, centered on the school, church, Skateraw Hall, and Bettridge Centre. The rebuilt community hall serves as the base for the center. There are two pubs, a bakery, a library, and a post office, but the village shop, which used to sell gossip as well as goods, has been absorbed into a convenience store chain.

Johnny and Mary Masson from Skateraw Road, the village’s oldest road, were interviewed for Sheila Henderson’s 1986 book “What’s in a Name.” They claim that the rest of the world is mistaken because the village is named Skateraw! Mary said, “Newtonhill is on the other side of the railway line.” There were only three houses west of the railway station when they married in the 1930s. There are now hundreds of shops, with more on the way at the flyover. Is there no end in sight to the development?

The pier at the bottom of the cliffs has long since vanished, but the winches that towed the boats ashore are still visible. In the mid-nineteenth century, large quantities of haddock, cod, and ling were landed, with haddock sold fresh, sun-dried (spelding), or smoked. However, the “Finnan Haddie” was born in Findon, a few miles north of Portlethen.

Each line was separated into eight or ten strings, each containing over 100 baited hooks. The women baited the hooks with mussels and limpets that they had collected. Other mussels could have come from the Montrose basin or even Morecambe Bay. Education was not a major priority due to big families and subsistence wages. Girls began gathering bait at the age of ten, and boys were at sea by the age of twelve. Many newborns and toddlers perished as a result of household accidents while being cared for by older siblings and sisters.

In Muchalls and Newtonhill, Episcopal Church schools had been established by 1855. “The school which merited the most praise was that conducted by the schoolmistress at Skateraw,” according to the diocese’s inspection. “Skaterow… contains a population of about 300 souls, all, without exception, members of the Scottish Episcopal Church,” according to a fund-raising appeal issued at the time. The fishermen of Skaterow are known all throughout the North-East coast of Scotland for their integrity, sobriety, and regular attendance at church…” Not to mention the local guys’ propensity of throwing clods at evangelists from Aberdeen!

In the 1880s, there were 60 small-boat fishermen and more than 150 people working in the fishing industry. The fish cottages were built along the cliffs’ edge, and the wives had to carry their heavy creels up the steep way once a week to sell their smokies at The Green in Aberdeen. Newtonhill’s railway station opened in 1852, and the railway may be responsible for the village’s name change. The station may be refurbished in the future to boost commuter rail use. The steam trawler’s introduction in the 1880s resulted in an employment exodus to Torry and Stonehaven, with vacation cottages and later daily commuters obliterating village life.

In Newtonhill your flower orders will be taken by our excellent florists. Any last-minute event will be enhanced by our flower delivery. Look through our online contemporary flower assortment to choose the ones that are most appropriate for your friends and family. We have everything in our online shop, from roses to lilies to flower baskets.Flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, births, and other special occasions are available from us. Browse our selection of flower gifts until you find one that stands out. This beautiful gift will thereafter be given to your family or friends. Imagine their delight when they receive lovely flowers on their particular occasion. The moment they see their flowers, feelings of love and gratitude will pour over them. When they receive their flowers from our Newtonhill florists, their celebration will be enhanced. Our flower bouquets are hand delivered to Newtonhill, which adds that extra special touch. There are no crushed flowers or snapped stalks; only fresh flowers are used. When the receiver opens the door, the flowers will be ready to display. Just a friendly reminder that you’re thinking of them. Send a gorgeous bouquet to someone today to make them smile. Our local florist in Newtonhill have flowers for every occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries! Just remember to place your purchase before afternoon to ensure same-day delivery. 

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Flower Delivery in Newtonhill, Aberdeen Same-day at your Home

We can also deliver door to door in Newtonhill, the same-day if you order before Afternoon. Our delivery service is available in the following area:


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  • AB39 3NA
  • AB39 3ND
  • AB39 3NE
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  • AB39 3NG
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  • AB39 3NL
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  • AB39 3NP
  • AB39 3NW
  • AB39 3PF
  • AB39 3PG
  • AB39 3PQ
  • AB39 3PR
  • AB39 3PS
  • AB39 3PT
  • AB39 3PU
  • AB39 3PW
  • AB39 3PX
  • AB39 3PZ
  • AB39 3QF
  • AB39 3QG
  • AB39 3QW
  • AB39 3QZ
  • AB39 3RF
  • AB39 3RG
  • AB39 3RW
  • AB39 3RZ
  • AB39 3SF
  • AB39 3SG
  • AB39 3SW
  • AB39 3TJ
  • AB39 3TL
  • AB39 3TN
  • AB39 3TP
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Flower Delivery in Newtonhill Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we give flower in Newtonhill?

Because flowers have meaning and can explain your feelings to your loved ones, such as roses, which indicate love and caring, presenting flowers is an easy way to express your feelings to your cherished one. Anastasia florists in Newtonhill can give any flower to make your day brighter, and for more question or arrangement don’t forget to contact us.

What kind of flower or bouquets do I give?

They have a wide variety of flowers that you may give to your loved ones. Some of the most popular flowers are roses, which represent love and care, lilies, which represent purity and fertility, and carnations, which represent fascination, distinction, and affection. Our flower store in Newtonhill can deliver any flower to your loved ones, and we guarantee that we will always be available to assist and aid you in making your day brighter.

Is it possible to get free same-day flower delivery in Newtonhill?

Anastasia Florist in Newtonhill offers free same-day flower delivery, which is important to our customers since it makes it easier for them to purchase and get flowers online. We can provide any flower for you and will do our best to make you and your beloved one’s happy.

What are the advantages of flower delivery using the internet?

You will be able to take advantage of some of the best deals available. There are many online flower delivery services that offer a variety of options. Seasonal discounts, festival discounts, employer discounts, and so forth are all possibilities. At various periods, there will be various deals. As a result, you can take advantage of these deals to get flowers delivered to your home. To make things easier for you, Anastasia Florists provides free same-day flower delivery.

How can I get my flower order in Newtonhill delivered quickly?

Our Newtonhill flower online shop offers same-day flower and bouquet delivery; if you order before afternoon, your flower will be delivered as soon as possible to make our respected customers happy. We guarantee that we will do our best to help you and that we will always be available.

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