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Peterculter Flower & Bouquet Delivery

Flowers can be delivered the following day or the same day by Anastasia florists. To make your gift more memorable, we provide luxury champagnes, wines, chocolates, balloons, and teddies in addition to our unique bouquets, floral arrangements, and hand-tied options.

If you require flowers for a larger event, such as a wedding, we recommend calling ahead to schedule a meeting with one of our experienced designers to ensure that Our local florist in Peterculter can carry out your vision perfectly! If you require flowers for a more serious occasion, such as a funeral, we have a professional florist who can produce funerary and mourning arrangements that will be given the attention and care they need.


Flower Delivery In Peterculter | Anastasia Florists
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Sending Best Flowers to Peterculter is a Wonderful Way to Make Your Day


Culter, commonly known as Peterculter, is an Aberdeen suburb located eight miles inland from the city center. Peterculter is located on the Dee’s northern bank, near the confluences of the Crynoch and Leuchar Burns. The Roman marching camp at Normandykes is located about one mile south west of the Peterculter. Around 1165–1198, King William the Lion gave the Abbey and monks of St Mary of Kelso the church of Kulter, “iuxta Abirdene.” Mathew, Bishop of Aberdeen, who was in charge of the church’s diocese, later confirmed the donation.

The Abbot of Kelso presented Alan of Soltre, chaplain, with the vicarage of the church of Culter in 1239–1240. He was most likely acleric from the Soutra monastery or hospital in Lothian. The Abbot and Convent of Kelso and the Knights of Jerusalem reached an agreement in 1287–1288 concerning the Templars’ lands of Blairs
and Kincolsi (Kincousie, now Kincaussie[4]), on the south side of the Dee, by which a chapel built by the Templars at their house of Culter was recognized as a church with parochial rights for the inhabitants of the said lands. This division of the parish of Culter into two separate parishes, one of which was named Maryculter, was made possible by this arrangement.

Our local florist in Peterculter always have a great selection of seasonal blossoms to pick flowers. Every week, we import all of our blooms from Holland to ensure that they are of the best quality and are as fresh as possible. Hand-tied bouquets, gift boxes, hatboxes, and gorgeous vases are also available, all made with the finest seasonal flowers. Our most recent collection includes bright, colorful colors as well as warm pastels, assuring that everyone will find something they like. Of course, we also have a lily-free range so you can enjoy all of the lovely blossoms without the bother.

Our skilled florists hand-craft each arrangement, so you can be sure that anything you receive will be beautiful, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind. If you don’t see what you’re searching for on our website, please contact our florists by email or phone and we’ll be pleased to create something special for you that is both bespoke and gorgeous. Because all of our bouquets are hand-tied, no two are alike, ensuring that the one you receive is truly unique. If you’d like to speak with one of our florists about your order, please call the shop and we’ll be pleased to assist you.


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Peterculter, Aberdeen Same-Day and next day Flower Delivery  

We may also send flowers to Peterculter the same-day or the next-day before. The following areas are covered by our delivery service:


  • AB13 0AD
  • AB13 0AE
  • AB13 0AJ
  • AB13 0AL
  • AB13 0AN
  • AB13 0EZ
  • AB13 0NQ
  • AB14
  • AB14 0AB
  • AB14 0AD
  • AB14 0LA
  • AB14 0LB
  • AB14 0LD
  • AB14 0LE
  • AB14 0LH
  • AB14 0LJ
  • AB14 0LL
  • AB14 0LP
  • AB14 0LQ
  • AB14 0LR
  • AB14 0LS
  • AB14 0LU
  • AB14 0LX
  • AB14 0NA
  • AB14 0NB
  • AB14 0NE
  • AB14 0NJ
  • AB14 0NL
  • AB14 0NN
  • AB14 0NP
  • AB14 0NS
  • AB14 0NT
  • AB14 0NW
  • AB14 0NX
  • AB14 0PJ
  • AB14 0PL
  • AB14 0PT
  • AB14 0PU
  • AB14  0PX
  • AB14 0QB
  • AB14 0QD
  • AB14 0QG
  • AB14 0QJ
  • AB14 0QL
  • AB14 0QN
  • AB14 0QP
  • AB14 0QQ
  • AB14 0QR
  • AB14 0QS
  • AB14 0QT
  • AB14 0QU
  • AB14 0QX
  • AB14 0RA
  • AB14 0RB
  • AB14 0RD
  • AB14 0RE
  • AB14 0RF
  • AB14 0RH
  • AB14 0RJ
  • AB14 0RL

Flower Delivery in Peterculter Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to buy Flower in Peterculter?
You can purchase flowers in person or online at our flower shop. Anastasia florist in Peterculter offers same-day flower delivery, as well as the opportunity to order and purchase our best flowers and bouquets. For additional floral arrangements, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.
What flower should I give as a present to my loved ones in Peterculter?
There are many different flowers you can gift, but these are the most popular: roses, which symbolize love and caring, lilies, which represent dedication or purity, and sunflowers, which represent everlasting faith and unconditional love. Anastasia Florists can present you with any flower to brighten your day.
What are the advantages of using a Peterculter delivery service?
Customers can expect delivery services to deliver a variety of items of various types and sizes without sacrificing quality. Individual customers can utilize these services to order the greatest flower arrangements, bouquets, and other essential items.
How long will it take for my flower order in Peterculter to arrive?
When you order flowers online from Anastasia florist before noon, your order will be delivered as soon as possible. Flower delivery in Peterculter provides free same-day flower delivery to brighten your day. Order and buy now!
What happens if the receiver is not at home when the delivery arrives?
If the recipient is not available to accept the item when it is delivered, a card will be left with instructions on how to pick it up or have it re-delivered. You can request that your gift be left in a safe location or with a neighbor, but this is at the discretion of the delivery person and cannot be guaranteed. Anastasia florists is always willing to help our beloved customers.
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