Best Flowers To Send In Funerals To Show Sympathy

Losing a loved one makes life so bleak and also a difficult time. The space they left behind emphasizes their absence, making life lonelier by the day. Flowers help make the memories of those who have passed alive. Sending sympathy flowers gives a reason for bereaved families to feel better after losing the ones they love.

This post will guide you to common funeral flowers that are best to send at funerals to express your sympathy. Aside from sympathy, you will learn the meanings hidden within the beauty of these flowers and why they are commonly used in funeral arrangements.

Flowers Ideal To Send In Funerals To Show Sympathy

Sending sympathy flowers at funerals is a common practice. They can be sent directly to the family home or funeral home. If you are wondering what flowers are used for funerals to show your sympathy and express your condolences here are some funeral flower ideas, sympathy plants, and day flowers that you can choose from.

White Lillies

White lilies are among the most common flowers to send at funerals. They look simple, and their pure look indicates respect. They also look beautiful even in different kinds of arrangements. Lilies are also available in other colours and sizes, but white lilies are the most popular to send in funerals to show sympathy. 

Sending white lillies as a condolences to the family shows your pure emotions- peace, purity and sympathy. Lillies are often considered the best flower to send in a funerals to show sympathy. It’s aromatic scent and blossom expresses the feelings of the family and friends. 

White lilies flowers with dark lighting
Pink chrysanthemums in a basket near the window


In European countries, the chrysanthemum indicates an expression of sympathy & symbolizes death. For this reason, they are commonly sent to funerals even all over the world. But, regardless of their meaning, they are generally perceived as a cheerful and positive tribute. Chrysanthemum is also a hardy plant, which means it can endure and survive low temperatures. But you can still use funeral spray for it to be sustain much longer.

Families and friends send Chrysanthemum bouquets and bags to the mourning family to cheer them up and make them feel that they have someone on the back to rely on this hard time.


White Roses and Gerbera Daisies

White roses and gerbera daisies are other traditional funeral flowers sent in funerals to show sympathy. These flowers signify friendship and true love. If you’re searching for a colourful way to express your deepest sympathy, gerbera daisies are a great option. Go for white roses if you prefer a simpler way to comfort the bereaved family.

A white roses in a transparent vase in a wooden table
Blue hydrangea in a bottle vase with a text "You are Loved"


Hydrangeas are often used in blue and white funeral flower arrangements. They have beautiful looking bulbs that can emphasize the beauty and grandeur of a life well lived. Sending blue flowers to a funeral or memorial service represents sympathy, sadness, and peace. Traditionally, this colour symbolizes serenity, tranquillity, calmness, and openness.

Yellow Roses

Usually, yellow roses are used as a symbol of friendship and the bond with the deceased one. This shows the amount of love they have for the one that they lost and gives the mourning family a assurance that they will not be alone. 

Yellow roses are commonly paired with red roses to show the grief and love. Sending these flowers to funerals is a great way to extend your sympathy and love to the family. Single yellow roses  are commonly sent as funeral flowers to a friend who lost a loved one or a full arrangement of yellow and white flowers to the deceased’s family.

A yellow flowers bouquet
Lilies and carnations in a single bouquet

French Lilies and Carnations

These two flowers are commonly sent to funerals to signify sympathy and love. Generally, lilies are associated with mourning, and they connote innocence, purity, and majesty. But when you send them to a funeral, its meaning changes into a message saying that the deceased’s soul has peacefully returned to a state of innocence. The same is true for white carnations.


Gladioli is a traditional and classic choice for funeral arrangements. This flower is often sent to funerals to convey sympathy, and they connote moral integrity and strength of character. Gladioli belongs to the iris family. Also called “sword lily”, this flower can grow up to 4 feet tall and includes a stem with several flowers.

Different gladioli flowers color with pink background
Two peace lily plants

Peace Lily Plant

The peace lily is another hardy funeral flower commonly sent to bereaved families to show sympathy. It signifies rebirth, innocence, sympathy, and peace. Despite the name peace lily, this flower is not related to lilies. Its name is from its white flowers that timidly rise above its green foliage, resembling the white flags of peace.


The traditional white and pink orchids sent to funerals express sympathy. It also means eternal love and is associated with mourning. The most suitable variant of orchids to use as sympathy flowers are dendrobium and phalaenopsis.

White flowers with leaves
A tulips and daffodils in the same vase with a ribbon

Tulips and Daffodils

Yellow spring tulips and daffodils in funeral arrangements signify fresh starts and renewal. Many believe that they bring hope and encouragement to the grieving, making them suitable to send to funerals as a sympathy gift. Tulips also come in different colours: white, meaning forgiveness, red denoting love, and yellow signifying cheerfulness.

Final Thoughts

Sending any of these flowers to a funeral expresses your sympathy in a thoughtful way. Generally, flowers at funerals are a way to show sympathy and love. Unfortunately, some of these flowers are not available in particular seasons. So make sure to choose depending on the blooming season. It is also best to know which flowers are sentimental to the recipient or their family or their mother days when you are with them and know which ones are more desirable for them. You can buy one in your local flower shop here in Aberdeen NC like Anastasia Florists. Give us a phone call today at (07918) 025 677 to know more about the best funeral flowers.

Frequently Asked Questions
When is the perfect time to send sympathy flowers at funerals?

You can send sympathy flowers to a grieving person or a family as soon as you hear about the news. Even when a couple of weeks have passed after the funeral services, it is still fine to show your sympathy to the bereaved. By sending a thoughtful arrangement, you can show them that you are thinking about them.

What is the right size for the arrangement?

Choose a funeral arrangement depending on where you’ll be sending the flowers. If you are sending it to funeral homes, you may opt for large, standing arrangements. Standing sprays are among the main floral tributes. Never send this type of funeral arrangement to the office or home, as they are strictly used for formal services like memorials, funerals, and graveside services this can ensure to boost your customer service.

You can choose from other large floral arrangements like crosses, wreaths, and hearts. These prominent funeral arrangements are displayed on an easel and placed near the casket.

Meanwhile, if you want to send a sympathy flower directly to the deceased’s home, choose smaller floral baskets or bouquets. Funeral baskets also come in various sizes you can choose from.

How to write the sympathy card?

It is difficult to put feelings into a brief message. But, most sympathy cards for funeral arrangements read “With love and sympathy”, “Deepest sympathies”, or “Our thoughts are with you.” When necessary, you may also indicate the first and last names of those who contributed to the flowers.

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