Flowers are an important part of the cycle of life, helping to promote pollination and reproduction in plants. To ensure that flowers last as long as possible, it is important to take a few steps to help keep them fresh. If you want your Valentine’s Day roses, graduation bouquet, or anniversary arrangement to look great and stay fresh for a few more days, try one of these tips that use household ingredients.

Keep Flowers Last Longer

How to Make Flowers Last Longer
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Keep Them Out of Direct Sunlight: Direct sunlight can cause flowers to wilt and fade quickly. Keep your flowers in a cool, shaded area or use a vase with water to keep them from drying out.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer
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Change the Water Regularly: Change the water every 1-2 days and make sure to use clean, cold water. This will help the flowers retain water and stay fresh.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer
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Cut Flower Stems: Cut flower stems underwater at a 45-degree angle with a sharp pair of scissors or knife. Always keep the freshly cut end of the stem submerged under water so it can continue to absorb moisture and stay fresh for a longer period.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer
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Keep Flowers Cool: Keep flowers in a cool area away from heat sources and air vents to help keep them from wilting.

How to Make Flowers Last Longer
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Add a Flower Food Solution: Flower food solutions contain substances such as sugar, bleach and acids that can help to increase the life of your flowers and keep them looking beautiful for longer periods of time.

Final Thought

If you follow these tips, your flowers will look fresh for weeks. Different types of flowers have different needs, so make sure to find out what type of care your specific flower needs. With proper care, your flowers can brighten up any room in your home. For more information about flower care or other questions, please contact Anastasia Florists!


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