Losing a loved one is undoubtedly one of the most challenging experiences in life. During such difficult times, it is important to find solace and support through various means. One way to express condolences and honor the memory of a departed soul is through the language of flowers. In Scotland, a land rich in natural beauty and deeply rooted traditions, there are several funeral flowers that hold significant meaning for funerals. In this blog post, we will explore the best funeral flowers in Scotland to consider when paying tribute to a loved one during a funeral.

Floral Expressions of Sympathy:

A funeral flower beside the tomb
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When words fail, flowers have the remarkable ability to convey emotions and sentiments that surpass language barriers. In the Scottish funeral tradition, specific flowers hold symbolic meanings that resonate with the grieving process. By carefully selecting the right blooms, we can create an atmosphere of comfort and remembrance. Let’s explore some of the most fitting flowers for funeral arrangements in Scotland.

Thistle: A National Emblem of Scotland

A blue funeral wreath on a table
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The thistle, with its distinctive prickly leaves and majestic purple hue, is Scotland’s national emblem. It represents both strength and resilience, making it a meaningful choice for funeral tributes. Incorporating thistles into funeral arrangements honors the Scottish heritage and pays homage to the strength of character possessed by the departed.

Scottish Heather: A Symbol of Solace

Beautiful flower arrangement of a Scottish heather
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Heather, a delicate flower native to Scotland’s moorlands, is often associated with solitude and healing. Its soothing fragrance and elegant appearance make it a comforting choice for funeral displays. The subtle purple hues of heather can bring a sense of tranquility and solace to mourners, providing a gentle reminder that healing is possible even in times of grief.

White Roses: Purity and Innocence

A white funeral flower on top of a coffin
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White roses, universally recognized as a symbol of purity and innocence, hold a special place in funeral customs. Their pristine beauty evokes a sense of reverence and solemnity, making them a timeless choice for honoring a departed loved one. Whether used in wreaths, bouquets, or floral arrangements, white roses convey a message of eternal love and peace.

Lilies: Elegance and Renewal

White lilies on a white background
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Lilies, with their striking blooms and captivating fragrance, embody elegance and renewal. In the language of flowers, white lilies represent the restored innocence of the soul after death. These majestic flowers are often chosen to express heartfelt condolences and to symbolize the hope for eternal peace for the departed.


Selecting the right flowers for a funeral is a deeply personal and meaningful choice. In Scotland, where nature’s beauty intertwines with rich traditions, incorporating symbolic flowers into funeral arrangements adds a poignant touch. The thistle, Scottish heather, white roses, and lilies all carry special significance and can bring solace and comfort during times of loss. At Anastasia Florists, we understand the importance of creating personalized funeral tributes that honor the memory of your loved ones. Our skilled florists are here to guide you in selecting the perfect flower bouquet for funeral, ensuring that your heartfelt condolences are expressed through the language of flowers. Contact us today and let us help you create a meaningful floral tribute that celebrates the life and legacy of your loved one.

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