Color choice is key in floral design, as it usually creates the first impression and overall emotion of the arrangement; be it joyful, soft, or modern. Colors are very special. When it comes to floral design, the color wheel is an essential tool for florists, and it can be used to create beautiful arrangements for any occasion. By following the tips in this blog post, you can create stunning floral arrangements using the color wheel!

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How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets
How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets 1

As a florist, it’s important to be familiar with the color wheel. This will help you create beautiful and harmonious flower arrangements. The color wheel is composed of primary, secondary, and tertiary colors. We’ll start with the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. From there, we’ll move on to the secondary colors, which are created by mixing two primary colors together. Finally, we’ll discuss tertiary colors and how they’re created. White is considered a neutral color and can be added to any combination on the color wheel. So let’s get started!

Tertiary colors are created when primary and secondary colors are mixed. Blue-green, blue-violet, red-orange, red-violet, yellow – orange ,and yellow – green are some examples of tertiary colors you can create.

How to Pick Flowers for Your Arrangements

There are many ways to come up with a floral color scheme, but one inspiration is the flower color wheel. This is similar to an artist’s color wheel and can provide some beautiful results. Try out one of these methods next time you’re putting together a bouquet!


Complementary Flower by Stranded Treasures
Source by Stranded Treasures

Colors that are opposites on the color wheel tend to go well together. For example, high-contrast colors like holiday red and green. Or, for summer flowers, try something like fuchsia and chartreuse from the complementary colors of red-purple and yellow-green.

Split Complementary

How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets
 Sorce by: West Australian Floral Art Society Inc.

One way to put together a floral bouquet using colors is the split complementary method. With this, you take a color from one side of the wheel and use two colors next to its opposite on the other side for example, in a complementary arrangement yellow and purple go well together. In contrast, for a split complement arrangement, yellow would work with red-purple and blue-purple instead. Generally speaking,split complementary color schemes tend to be quite vibrant. And remember – you can always experiment with lighter shades too that follow the same pattern!


How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets
Source by: Gainan’s Flower Garden Home

If you want a cohesive color palette in your arrangement, consider using the analogous formula. To create this pattern, simply choose three colors that are adjacent to each other on the floral color wheel.A springtime arrangement of bouquets in shades of deep purple, blue-violet, and lavender.


How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets
Source by: Bloomed Roots

A monochromatic floral arrangement will certainly make a statement. To do this, select one color from the flower wheel and only use flowers within that hue family. This is an excellent way to let the texture and tone of the blooms take center stage.


How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets
Source by: Mission Hills Florists

Triadic color schemes are created by using three colors that are evenly spaced on the color wheel. For example, you could use primary colors like red, blue, and yellow; or different shades like green, orange, and purple.


How to Choose The Best Colors For Your Flower Bouquets
Source by: Alfa Flower Shop

Incorporating soft pastel shades such as blush, pink, peach and cream into your flower arrangements is a great way to emphasize the petal texture and create a feeling of sweetness and romance. For a natural look, try adding some pale greens, yellows or lavender.

Floral Arrangements Using the Color Wheel

You can make beautiful floral arrangements like the pros by knowing how to use the color wheel. Or, even better, let us help you create a stunning arrangement for someone special or yourself. Our talented florists at Anastasia florist can work with you to select the perfect flowers and colors for a one-of-a-kind bouquet. Contact us today to get started!

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