Memorial flower arrangements can be used as a meaningful way to honor the memory of a departed loved one. Memorial flowers create a lasting tribute and express your love and sympathy in a beautiful way. Memorial flower arrangements are typically designed to capture the spirit of the deceased, often with traditional colors or flowers associated with them. 

Memorial florals come in many shapes, sizes, and styles to honor the life of the person you are honoring. Memorial flowers also make a wonderful gesture for anniversaries, birthdays, or any special occasion where someone is dearly missed. No matter which type of memorial flower arrangement and flower bouquets you choose, it will be a beautiful tribute that the grieving family can keep in memory of their loved one.

What Flowers To Choose For A Funeral Or Memorial Service

When planning your funeral service, consider what you want the flowers to express.

  • Would you prefer a few small bouquets or many large, excessive arrangements?
  • Would you like the flowers to be a part of a somber setting or a celebratory one?
  • Some people prefer certain scents over others because different flowers have different smells. Do you have a favorite scent?


  • Carnations have a unique scent and beautiful ruffled petals.
  • Chrysanthemum flower has various meanings in different cultures, which should be kept in mind when designing a sympathy bouquet.
  • Lilies are often seen as symbols of new beginnings, making them the perfect gift to give to a grieving family.
  • Orchids are a popular choice for sympathy flowers because they symbolize innocence, remembrance and memories.
  • Roses are popular symbols of love and appreciation, making them an ideal choice for memorial services or sympathy gifts.

Color can also be an important factor to consider when choosing funeral flowers. If a certain color holds special significance for you, such as the colors of your favorite sports team or the colors of a meaningful event in your life, then selecting that color for your floral arrangement can be a great way to honor and remember someone who has passed away.  

Choosing a flower in that color can be an expression of the love and memories you shared.  Additionally, selecting flowers in colors that remind you of the deceased can also evoke fond memories and bring comfort during this difficult time.  

When choosing funeral flowers, think about what colors hold special meaning for you or your family and use it as a way to honor the life of your loved one.  Thinking about colors in this way can be a powerful way to help you remember and celebrate the life of someone special.


  • Red has always been associated with love and beauty, but it is also a popular choice for funeral flowers. If you know someone who lost somebody close to them, sending red flowers is a great way to show your support. 
  • White is commonly seen as a color of new beginnings, it can also characterize innocence and purity. This makes it an appropriate flower color for someone who has lost a child or young person.
  • Yellow flowers can bring light and hope during dark times. Though no flower can completely cheer someone up, flowers in this color can also represent friendship and warmth.
  • Pink flowers are significant because they stand for femininity and beauty. If you want to give a heartfelt gift to someone who has lost a wife or mother, consider giving pink flowers.
  • Purple has always been associated with family, love, and respect. It is seen as a sign of loyalty and care, which are qualities many people cherish.

Show your Family How much you Care by Expressing Yourself to them

Losing a family member is one of the hardest experiences we go through in life. You can show your respects by sending a beautiful and fresh floral arrangement to the grieving party. The type of sympathy arrangement you choose may depend on your relationship with the deceased:

Casket Flowers

Funeral Casket Flower Arrangement
Keep Your Family Memories Alive with Custom Made Memorial Flower Arrangements 1

Casket Flowers are a beautiful way to honor the memory of a loved one. A blanket of flowers or roses is spread across the top of the casket, typically sent by a spouse or immediate family member to signify their love and respect for the deceased. Casket Flowers are often the centerpieces of memorial services and can be used to express condolences and celebrate the life of a special person.

Casket Flowers may be chosen for their symbolism, or to represent favorite colors and hobbies of the deceased. Casket Flowers are often in vibrant colors and can include roses, lilies, chrysanthemums and other varieties that speak to the heart of those who witness them. Casket Flowers can also be used to bring peace and comfort to family and friends during a difficult time.

Funeral Standing Spray

Funeral Stand Casket  Spray
Keep Your Family Memories Alive with Custom Made Memorial Flower Arrangements 2

Funeral Standing Sprays are a memorial flower arrangement that can be placed on a wire stand near the casket. They are an appropriate way for family members or friends to express their sympathy and pay tribute to the deceased. Funeral Standing Sprays come in many different colors and arrangements, allowing you to customize it to match the personality of your loved one. Funeral Standing Sprays are a beautiful way to honor the memory of your loved one and provide comfort during difficult times

Additionally, Funeral Standing Sprays make for a meaningful keepsake gift for the family to remember their loved one by. The thoughtful gesture of sending Funeral Standing Sprays conveys that you are thinking about them even during difficult times and will be there to support them. Funeral Standing Sprays are a touching way to memorialize the life of your loved one and show that you care in your own special way 

Basket Flower

Basket Funeral Pink Flower
Keep Your Family Memories Alive with Custom Made Memorial Flower Arrangements 3

A memorial flower arrangement of basket flowers placed on a wire stand near the casket is an appropriate way to show your sympathy and honor the deceased. Basket arrangements come in many sizes and styles, including classic bouquets with roses, lilies, daisies and other favorite blooms. Each arrangement is carefully crafted to bring beauty and comfort to family and friends while they say goodbye. Sending a memorial flower arrangement of basket flowers is the perfect way to remember someone special and honor their life 

No matter if it’s a grand display of heartfelt bon voyage or something simpler, memorial flower arrangements of basket flowers will add beauty and grace to any memorial service. Let your sympathy be remembered by sending memorial flower arrangements of basket flowers as a loving reminder to those closest to the deceased. It is sure to be appreciated in their time of sorrow 

Let your special memorial flower arrangement show that they are not forgotten and that you care. Send memorial flower arrangements of basket flowers today to show respect, love, and compassion for the family and friends of the deceased.

Sympathy Floor Arrangement

Sympathy Floor Arrangement
Source: Wallace Thompson

Sympathy floor arrangements are an ideal way to express your condolences and show you care. These arrangements, typically placed around the casket or on a pedestal, consist of an assortment of different flowers that are chosen to represent love and comfort. Sympathy floor arrangements make a thoughtful tribute and are perfect for family members or close friends to send in remembrance of a loved one. 

These arrangements can be sent to the funeral home or directly to the family’s home, and are sure to bring solace during this difficult time. Sympathy floor arrangements are a time-honored token of love and understanding that will remain in the hearts of those grieving for many years to come.

Open Heart Wreath

Funeral White Heart Flower
Keep Your Family Memories Alive with Custom Made Memorial Flower Arrangements 4

An Open Heart Wreath is a tribute to the deceased and their loved ones. It features a heart-shaped open wreath of flowers, usually placed on a stand near the casket. The Open Heart Wreath typically includes seasonal blooms such as roses and carnations, symbolizing life and remembrance. 

Open Heart Wreaths are most often sent by a spouse, immediate family member or close friend of the deceased. Open Heart Wreaths are a touching way to say goodbye and honor those we love. They can be sent as an expression of sympathy, love, and remembrance.

Standing Crosses, Hearts & Wreaths

Standing Spray Funeral Flower
Keep Your Family Memories Alive with Custom Made Memorial Flower Arrangements 5

Standing Crosses are a beautiful way to honor a loved one and show your sympathy and can be designed in many different styles, ranging from traditional to modern. They come on a wire stand that can be placed near the casket or on top of it, making them an appropriate choice for immediate family members to send. 

Standing Crosses aren’t the only symbol of sympathy that can be used; Hearts and Wreaths are traditional symbols as well and can be combined with Standing Crosses to create an even more meaningful tribute. No matter the type of Standing Cross you choose, it will serve as a lasting reminder of your loved one’s memory

Final Thought

Anastasia Florists can provide a memorable flower arrangement of flower bouquets that will honor the memory of your beloved one. Our sympathy wreaths and sprays are designed to be tasteful, respectful, and convey the love shared by the family and friends. Anastasia Florists offers a wide range of beautiful flowers in all shapes, sizes, and colors that are suitable for any occasion or event. You can select one of our custom wreaths, sprays, and banners to display at the memorial service. 

Our flowers are carefully arranged and hand-delivered to ensure that they arrive at their destination fresh and vibrant. Anastasia Florists is dedicated to providing quality arrangements and exceptional customer service so you can honor your loved one in the most special way possible. Let Anastasia Florists help you create a memorable flower arrangement that will express your sympathy and love for your family during this difficult time. Contact Us! for more flower arrangement,

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