Rose has its unique charm that no one can resist. It is why roses are the most popular of all the blooms. Aside from the red rose often exchanged by lovers, many different colours of roses hold various meanings, symbolism, and uses. Whether it’s with the help of a dye or nature, here are some of the mesmerizing rose colours you can choose from.

A Man Holding a Red Rose in Aberdeen

Red Roses: Admiration and Love

Giving a bouquet of red roses is a timeless way to say “I love you” to your loved one. For this reason, red roses are commonly given as gifts during Valentine’s day, wedding anniversaries, and birthdays to express strong romantic love, admiration, and affection. If you want to confess or share your feelings with someone today, there’s no better way than to give them a bouquet of red roses.

There is no flower that speaks of love quite like the red rose. It comes as no surprise that these beautiful blooms have been used to symbolize romantic love and passionate feelings for centuries. Red roses depict a deep and abiding affection, and are often given as a sign of commitment or faithfulness. They also denote long-lasting love, and are used as a symbol of strong and successful relationships. Red roses are symbols of both requited love and the reunion of lovers. If you want to show someone how much you care, give them a bouquet of red roses!

Orange Roses: Fascination and Pride

The blazing energy of orange roses makes them the rose family’s wild child. They symbolize pride, energy, and fascination. Orange roses also signify celebration, happiness, and gratitude. For couples, giving orange roses means that the relationship brings you joy. You can give someone a bouquet of orange roses as Valentine’s gift to show that you want to level up your friendship.

Whenever you wish to send a message of passion, enthusiasm, and gratitude, orange roses can do it for you with elegance. Pairing it with the right message can also help you with your cause.

Peach Roses in a Flower Shop in Aberdeen

Peach Roses: Gratitude, Modesty, and Innocence

Since peach roses symbolize gratitude, modesty, and innocence, they are popular for birthdays, Mother’s day, and thank you gifts. They are also given as a token of gratitude or to bless transactions with a good omen. Peach roses are also used in weddings as they represent the genuineness, sweetness, and sincerity of the couple getting married. Usually, you can see stunning peach roses at summer and spring weddings.

Yellow Roses: Friendship and Care

Once upon a time, yellow roses represent greed and jealousy. But today, this instant mood lifter now symbolizes the warmth of friendship and care. So, send them yellow roses whenever you want to show affection and warmth to a friend. You can also give it to show your delight.
Yellow roses can also be given as a token of appreciation or to bring someone peace. It symbolizes a warm memory. Yellow roses are best for weddings, birthdays, mother’s day, and graduations.

For most people, it’s the color itself that is so cheerful and happy. It’s the perfect choice for a gift when you want to show your loved ones that you care and that you’re thinking of them. Yellow roses represent joy, happiness, and energy, making them the perfect way to celebrate any occasion.

Pink Roses: Elegance and Grace

Pink roses are a classic symbol of elegance and grace. Through their grace, these gentle blooms can help you send your appreciation and admiration to the receiver. You can send them to your fiancée, best friend, or dependable co-worker. The sight of beautiful pink roses can turn someone’s day into something special.

However, be aware that pink roses in different shades have their meaning. For example, light pink roses imply appreciation and innocence. Meanwhile, medium pink roses are the most versatile as they can be given to someone grieving, as a token of appreciation, or to say congratulations. Deep pink, on the other hand, symbolizes happiness and gratitude.

Lavander Rose in Summer Day in Aberdeen

Lavender Roses: Splendor, Enchantment, and Majesty

Lavender roses are a unique way to express your love. Since it is considered rare and exquisite, you show that the person receiving it deserves everything special. Lavender roses signify splendour, enchantment, and majesty. Aside from that, it can also symbolize love at first sight.

Like pink roses, lavender roses also have different shades that hold a whole world of meanings. For instance, darker lavender roses mean regal splendour and majesty. Meanwhile, lighter lavender roses signify true love and love at first sight. Moreover, these roses are common in spring.

Green Roses: Good News and New Beginnings

The earliest-cultivated green roses are far from the green roses today. Instead of petals, they grow several sepals that look like the actual rose flower. Green roses symbolize life, rejuvenation, and abundance. Moreover, it is a flower for celebrating new beginnings and good news.

Blue Roses: Mystery, Lust, and Desire

Blue roses don’t naturally grow with blue petals. For this reason, they mean unattainable, mysterious, and impossible. Let someone know they are rare and one-of-a-kind by giving them blue roses. Blue roses also embody ultimate lust and desire.

Black Roses: Death and Elusiveness

You might raise an eye-brow on the existence of black roses, but aren’t they just pretty? Black roses are roses that are darkened using a dye. Black roses are the hardest to decipher among the rose colours on the list.

Black roses are often used in fictional stories to represent mysticism, mystery, death, and mourning. But despite their negative meaning, the right arrangement can make black roses look chic and elegant. Non-traditional people liked them most during Valentine’s day.

White Rose in Top of White Cloth in Aberdeen

White Roses: Innocence and New Love

White roses have always been associated with purity, spirituality, and innocence. They are the perfect flower to give someone who you respect and look up to. White roses also signify true and pure love, affection, and compassion towards someone. If you want to show your support or appreciation for someone, then white roses are the perfect way to do it!

White roses have been around for centuries and are one of the most popular flowers in the world. It is believed that white roses were the first color of rose to ever exist. There are many legends surrounding white roses, but one of the most famous is about how they turned red. According to legend, when Aphrodite was running towards her lover and cut herself on the thorns of a white rose bush, her blood stained the flowers red. This is why white roses often symbolize purity and innocence.

Burgundy Roses: Devotion

Choose burgundy roses if you want a unique alternative to traditional red roses. Similar to red, burgundy roses are a passionate way to express your love to your lover. These stunning roses symbolize unconscious beauty and deep devotion.


Roses can be used to express a wide range of emotions. So, choose a rose colour that resonates with what you truly feel. Our florists in Aberdeen can help you find the best type and color of rose that fits for your occasion or event. You can contact Anastasia Florists to order roses bouquets and get sent to your loved ones.

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