Anastasia Florists in Scotland strives to create the perfect arrangement for you. We take into account the height of the container and the desired height of the arrangement. We also make sure that the arrangement is never too low or too high. Our goal is to create a balance that is pleasing to the eye.

The most important rule for conditioning flowers is to let them stand in a cool place, out of direct sunlight, in tepid water for several hours (preferably overnight). Add some cut-flower food; this will extend their bloom time by several days.

A Professional Florist’s Guide to Arranging Flowers

Cut Flowers at an Angle

A Man Cutting a Flower Stem
Source:Azalea Bloom

Cut your stems at the length you want them and then cut the end of the stem at an angle. Doing this provides more area for water absorption and keeps the stem from sitting flat against the bottom of the vase which would block water absorption. Put stems in water immediately after cutting to prevent a ‘scab’ from forming over fresh cuts when exposed to air, which makes it hard for them to absorb water.

Remove Any Leaves or Plants That Will be Underwater

Remove Any Leaves or Plants That Will be Underwater
Source: WikiHow

Usually, you can strip stems with your fingers. However, sometimes you might need scissors or floral pruners (which I will list later). Also, it is important to keep foliage out of the water because bacteria forms easier in water and shortens the lifespan of flowers.

Use A Clean Vase

A woman Cleaning a Glass Vase
Source:Truworth Homes

You may think that simply rinsing out your vase is enough to prepare it for a new bouquet, but bacteria from the last arrangement can linger and cause the new flowers to die prematurely. To prevent this, wash the vase with soap and hot water between each use.

Change the Water Each Day

Tips on Preparing Flowers for Arrangements in Scotland
Source: WikiHow

This simple act can make your flowers last much longer. You’re essentially removing bacteria when you replace the water, which will increase the length of time they live. Occasionally, it might be difficult to remove your stems from the vase in order to fully change out the water like this though. If that’s the case with your arrangement, try adding fresh water daily instead to give them a refresher.

Add Some Flower Food to your Arrangement

Tips on Preparing Flowers for Arrangements in Scotland
Source: WikiHow

Did you know those little packets you often get when buying flowers are actually useful? The sugary formula they contain feeds your flowers and helps keep them vibrant for longer. If you didn’t receive a packet with your purchase or if the flowers are from your own garden, you can buy flower food online to keep on hand.

Use Flowers That Are Fresh, Local, and In-Season

I adore floral design because it does more than simply bring the outdoors in–it allows us to take a step closer to nature in Scotland. I find that flowers miles away from where they grew often lose some of their luster. Whether you’re enjoying beautiful peonies and dahlias during summer or evergreen branches and dried hydrangeas in winter, celebrate nature’s boundless beauty all year long!

Incorporate Unexpected Element

There are many ways to make your Scotland flower arrangements interesting, one being the use of non-traditional botanical elements. Blueberry branches, artichokes, or pomegranates add a creative touch. And almost anything that grows can be put in an arrangement — even if you need to use floral stakes or wire to make them work.

To Make a Grid, Use Tape or Chicken Wire

It can be a challenge to keep your stems in place without some help. I recommend using a tape grid on clear vases or building up a sphere of chicken wire (for extra design control) plus adding a tape grid on opaque vases. This helps give your flower arrangements more structure. You could also use a frog like this ikebana-inspired centerpiece for an asymmetrical look .

Be Strategic as You Layer Elements

Your first step is to create a base with greenery, then adding focal points. Lastly, fill in the open spaces with your remaining ingredients. I’ve given a more detailed explanation of this process in most of the floral DIYs I’ve done on the blog. One great example is this fall centerpiece.

Final Thought

Flower arrangements in Scotland are a beautiful and popular way to show your love, appreciation, or condolences if you want flower arrangement guide visit our blog post about Flower Arrangement for Beginner. But did you know that there’s more to creating a flower arrangement than just throwing some flowers in a vase? If you’re planning on sending an arrangement to someone, it’s important to follow some simple tips and tricks to ensure the flowers make the journey in good condition.

At Anastasia Florists, we specialize in creating gorgeous arrangements that are sure to impress. Our experienced staff takes great care in selecting the perfect flower bouquets and arranging them in a way that is both visually stunning and appropriate for the occasion. Whether you need a few simple centerpieces for a party or an elaborate display for a wedding in Scotland, we will work with you to create the perfect arrangement.

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