Everybody is aware of how brightening someone’s day and making them smile may be done by giving them lovely flowers and considerate presents… More than anybody else, funeral directors are aware of this. That’s why as a florist in Aberdeen, we create customized funeral flower arrangements and wreaths to show love to ones who lost their loved one. The claim that flowers and presents may make people happier is supported by scientific research. So we further discuss in this article why flowers for funerals are the best thing you can give to show your sympathy.

Flowers for funerals have a higher sentimental value  

Flowers might not be able to speak, yet even in silence, they can convey terrible words. They speak in a particular way that can convey intense feelings of compassion and sympathy. And this is something that money could never afford to provide.

Sending Sympathy flowers as a token of sympathy demonstrates your respect for the deceased and your continued presence in your thoughts. Imagine witnessing the coffin of a loved one who has passed away surrounded by thoughtful floral tributes. Won’t it make for a lovely memory to know that they are appreciated by many people?

Funeral flowers make a lasting impression

Flowers may wilt and die, but this act of respect will live on in the hearts and minds of those who received it. Cash might be a useful financial aid, but in a time of need and suffering, it can easily go ignored and end up forgotten. Funeral flowers, on the other hand, are visible throughout wakes and burials and will serve as a permanent reminder that you were there for the bereaved throughout their journey.

Greater Than Just Displays Memorial Flowers

Thousands of years ago, when embalming was unknown, the custom of sending flowers to mourners first emerged. Flowers were used to honor the deceased as well as to mask the stench of decomposing bodies due to their fragrance. Over the years, it has developed into a living tradition. Even though embalming is no longer necessary, floral tributes are still an important element of funerals nowadays. They serve both as decorations and as a cover for the body odor.

The best flower to give during a time of mourning

At funerals, white flowers are most often observed. Lilies, carnations, and roses are the most frequently chosen flowers for funerals.


A Beautiful Bundle of White Roses  Anastasia Florists
Why Flowers are the Best Thing You Can Give in Funerals? 1

The flower rose represents love and serves as a constant reminder that someone is thinking of you. Roses are delicate and have a divine aroma, and they come in a wide variety of hues. White flowers signify purity and a fresh start, while cream roses exhibit an exemplary charm and sensitivity. Red roses express my love with genuine romance. Yellow roses express cheer and joy. Therefore, white and cream roses represent a fresh start, an opportunity to forget the past while remembering the present, and the knowledge that you are in someone’s thoughts.


A Beautiful Lilies Bouquets Anastasia Florists
Why Flowers are the Best Thing You Can Give in Funerals? 2

A flower to consider is the lily, depending on the occasion and the intended sympathy. Funerals and moments of loss are frequently connected with lilies as a flower. The lily symbolizes resurrection in Christian faiths, and in the language of flowers, it also suggests that the soul of the deceased has gained a fresh sense of innocence. Consequently, lilies signify the beginning of a new chapter and a fresh perspective on life. This does not imply that you must completely forget about the past or that special someone, though.


Classic White Bouquets For Funeral
Why Flowers are the Best Thing You Can Give in Funerals? 3

Because they have a thick bloom, carnations are frequently combined with other sympathy flower varieties. The best condolence flowers are shown because they give other flowers, like roses and lilies, a chance to take centre stage. Carnations are frequently used in crosses, wreaths, and other sympathy arrangements because of their sympathy.

Final Thought

Sending sympathy flowers is a considerate way to show your sympathies to a friend or family member who has lost a loved one. It can be difficult to find the right words to say after a loved one has passed away. Sending sympathy flowers from a distance is one way to show your loved one that you care, albeit it’s much more difficult if you can’t be with them personally. We have beautiful bouquets, especially for your loved ones, available for pickup or delivery. In Aberdeen, we deliver funeral flowers to cemeteries and funeral directors. Please get in touch with Anastasia Florist or visit our flower shop in Aberdeen to discuss and create the flower arrangement that you need.

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