Wrapped Roses


Wrapped Roses

Roses have been a symbol of love and beauty for centuries, and their popularity shows no signs of waning. Roses come in wide variety of colors, shapes, and sizes, making them perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a romantic gesture, a thoughtful gift, or simply a way to brighten your own day, roses are always a safe bet.

When choosing roses, it’s important to consider the recipient and the occasion. Red Roses are the classic symbol of love and passion, while Pink Roses represent friendship and admiration. White Roses are often used in weddings and symbolize purity and innocence. Yellow Roses can express joy and friendship, while Orange Roses convey enthusiasm and excitement.

Roses will be delivered without water and will need put in a Vase

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Wrapped Roses

Ditch the predictable bouquet and embrace the unexpected. Roses Uncaged, where vibrant blooms transcend the confines of vases and blossom in a dance of paper and color. No water worries, just pure floral allure waiting to be unwrapped.

Unleash a kaleidoscope of hues: Choose from a spectrum of romance. Ruby reds ignite passionate whispers, creamy ivories paint a picture of pure elegance, and fiery oranges burst with bold declarations. Or create a whimsical mix, letting each petal sing a different note in your floral symphony.

Cloak your masterpiece: Choose your confidante – Kraft Paper of Plastic Wrapping

More than just a gift, it's an experience: These are not just wrapped roses, they're an invitation to unveil a secret, a poem penned in petals and leaves. Imagine the anticipation as fingers dance with the paper, unveiling a cascade of color and fragrance. It's a moment suspended in time, a story waiting to be discovered.

Roses Uncaged – a sustainable beauty reborn: No wilting worries, no environmental footprint. These paper-wrapped beauties are more than a gift, they're a statement. A whispered promise of elegance, a nod to sustainability, and a celebration of nature's unbridled beauty.

So, unleash your inner artist, choose your palette, and weave your own floral fairytale

Please Note:

  • Subtle Variations for Enhanced Beauty: In pursuit of creating unique and captivating arrangements, we may occasionally substitute flowers with similar styles, ensuring that your bouquet retains its essence of elegance and beauty.

  • Vases and Baskets: A Touch of Personalization: While we strive to replicate the exact vase or basket as displayed, we may need to substitute with a suitable alternative due to availability or seasonal changes. Rest assured, we will maintain the overall aesthetic and presentation of your bouquet.

Let Anastasia Florists be your trusted partner in expressing love, appreciation, and heartfelt sentiments. With every bouquet, we create a moment of joy, a symbol of your unique connection, and a lasting reminder of the love you share.

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