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We always have a great selection of seasonal blossoms to pick from at Stonehaven Flowers and floral arrangements and bouquets are certain to be the ideal present for your loved ones. Hand-tied bouquets, gift boxes, hatboxes, and gorgeous vases are all available, all made with the freshest seasonal flowers available from Aberdeen for all occasion.

Everyone will find something they like in our newest collection, which features brilliant vibrant colors and warm pastels. Our Stonehaven florists create each bouquet by hand, ensuring that whatever you receive is stunning, handcrafted, and one-of-a-kind. If you prefer to speak with one of our florist in Stonehaven about your order, please call the shop and we would be pleased to assist you.

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Fresh Flower Delivery Sevices at Your Home in Stonehaven

In Scotland, Stonehaven is a town. It is located on Scotland’s northeast coast and had an estimated population of 11,602 in 2011. The Scottish Parliament designated Stonehaven as the successor county town of Kincardineshire after the town of Kincardine was progressively abandoned following the destruction of its royal castle during the Wars of Independence. It is currently managed by the Aberdeenshire unitary authority. Stonehaven had grown up around an Iron Age fishing community that is now known as the “Auld Toon” (“old town”) and had spread inland from the sea. The town was known as Stonehyve, Stonehive, and Duniness as late as the 16th century, according to historical maps. Locals refer to it as Stoney informally.

Stonehaven has a prehistoric history, as indicated by findings at Fetteresso Castle and Neolithic pottery digs in the Spurryhillock region. The burials were dated to the early part ofthe second millennium BC, which corresponded to Scotland’s Early Bronze Age. Stone tool artifacts as well as shale/cannel coal beads were found in the graves. The village is located at the southern end of the historic Causey Mounth trackway, which was built on high land to make the sole medieval road from the coast to Aberdeen passable. The Earl Marischal and Marquess of Montrose led a Covenanter army of about 9,000 men in the first battle of the English Civil War in 1639, and this ancient passage specifically connected the Bridge of Dee to Cowie Castle via the Portlethen Moss and the Stonehaven central plaza.

Many Covenanters died while imprisoned at Dunnottar Castle. Dunnottar Church has a memorial to them. Fetteresso Castle and Muchalls Castle are two other nearby castles that are privately owned and not open to the public. The Stonehaven Tolbooth, which was once a prison and is now a museum, is the oldest surviving edifice in Stonehaven.

The Keith family lived at Dunnottar Castle, built atop a rocky ledge, and the Scottish Crown Jewels were secreted there throughout the Scottish Wars of Independence. The fortress was taken by King Edward I of England in 1296, only for William Wallace to regain it in 1297, burning down the chapel while the entire English garrison was still inside. Following an eight-month siege, Oliver Cromwell sacked the castle in 1650 in search of the Crown Jewels (having previously destroyed the English Crown Jewels). The Crown Jewels were smuggled out by some ladies just before the castle fell, who transported them by boat to a little church just down the coast in the village of Kinneff, where they stayed unnoticed for eleven years.

Stonehaven was a Jacobite town in the Fifteenth Century, and during the night of February 5–6, 1716, it served as a safe haven for the retreating Jacobite army. Stonehaven, part of the Episcopalian north-east, was’reliably Jacobite’ again in the Forty-Five, and it was one of the north-eastern ports where reinforcements, money, and equipment were regularly delivered from France. After the Church of Scotland took over Dunnottar Parish Church in 1709, Episcopal services were performed in the tolbooth until 1738, when a meeting house was built on the High Street.

The Duke of Cumberland ordered the building’s demolition following the Forty-failure. Five’s Stonehaven Town Hall, which is now used for events, was built in 1878.A fishing village known as Cowie once existed at the Cowie Bridge, north of Stonehaven, but it has since been absorbed by Stonehaven. The remnants of Cowie Castle can be found further north. The wrecked Ury House, formerly a Fraser house, is located just to the west of Stonehaven. In 2004, in Stonehaven’s Cowie Beach, a fossil of the oldest known land animal, Pneumodesmus newmani, a millipede species,
was discovered.

The Stonehaven Highland Games are held in July. All competitors in the heavier events (the Hammer, the Heavy Stone, and Tossing the Caber) must be dressed in full Highland regalia. Other events include the Stonehaven Folk Festival, which is usually attended by Billy Connolly, the famous Glaswegian comedian. The Feein’ Market, held on the first Saturday in June, is a recreation of a 19th-century agricultural hiring fair. The RW Thomson Classic Car Rally is an annual event honouring the creator of the pneumatic tyre, and it attracts a diverse collection of antique and classic automobiles. Every summer, there are two harbour festivals. Once a month, a farmers’ market is held in the market square, where local food producers and suppliers can offer fresh fruits, vegetables, chicken, and other meats.

Mackie Academy Former Pupils Rugby Football Club, based in Stonehaven, competes in the RBS Caledonia Regional League Division 1. They had previously practiced on Red Cloak’s pitches. Stonehaven F.C. is the town’s junior football club. – who compete in the Scottish Junior Football North Premier League in the North Region. Glenury Park, located in Mineralwell Park, hosts home games. Mineralwell Park also hosts three amateur football clubs, AC Mill Inn, Cowie Thistle, and Stonehaven Athletic, as well as Stonehaven Youth Football Club. Stonehaven Community Football Club was formed in 2015 when Stonehaven Football Club, Cowie Thistle, Stonehaven Athletic, Stonehaven Youth Football Club, and Stonehaven Ladies Football Club merged to form the Stonehaven Community Football Club, which was awarded a Quality Mark Community Level Award by the Scottish Football Association in 2015, and then the Legacy Award in November 2017.

Anastasia Florist in Stonehaven can deliver your flowers to Stonehaven, Portlethen, Aberdeen, and other areas in the North East of Scotland. Every week of the year, we deliver flowers six days a week.  We deliver on Sundays for special events like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. Only the freshest flowers are utilized in our arrangements, according to our florists. At least four times a week, we import flowers directly from Aberdeen. This ensures that Stonehaven Flowers uses only the freshest flowers, ensuring that your flowers stay longer than most. Your flowers are guaranteed to last seven days, and if they don’t, we will replace them. Our customers who order flowers from Anastasia florists are always pleased with the results. With such a large selection, there’s bound to be something that suits the person and event you’re thinking about. Our local flower shop can ensure that your flowers will be tastefully packaged in gift wrapping and in a bubble of water to keep them fresh until the recipient opens them, with a wide range of flowers for every occasion. You can write your own unique note to be delivered with your flowers, expressing the significance of gifting flowers.

Stonehaven flowers’ team of skilled florists work tirelessly from Monday to Saturday to create stunning bouquets for our customers; whatever you’re looking for, we’ll be able to help. There’s never a shortage of selections with Stonehaven Florist’s wonderful range of flowers available all year, so you can always obtain a beautiful bouquet. Our bouquets are all presented in aqua bubbles, but you can also have your flowers delivered in a vase, bag, or basket depending on your desire and the occasion. If you are unsure what you are looking for, you can always ask our florists at Anastasia Florists for assistance. Stonehaven Flowers has no restrictions on the quantity or amount of flowers you can order; our big staff of florists allows us to accommodate any request you may have.

If you order before 3 p.m., our local florists can deliver your flowers the same day. Anastasia florists will arrange your flowers to your specifications and personally deliver them around Stonehaven and the North East. You can choose from a wide variety of bouquets and arrangements on our website, but if you have something more specific in mind, please call our florists, who will be able to design your flowers to order. Our Stonehaven florists can deliver not only in Stonehaven, but throughout the North East of Scotland. For over 20 years, we have been serving Stonehaven with exquisite flowers, including bespoke flowers.

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We may also send flowers to Stonehaven the same day or ahead of schedule. The following areas are covered by our delivery service:


  • AB39
  • AB39 2AA
  • AB39 2AB
  • AB39 2AD
  • AB39 2AE
  • AB39 2AF
  • AB39 2AG
  • AB39 2AH
  • AB39 2AJ
  • AB39 2AL
  • AB39 2AN
  • AB39 2AP
  • AB39 2AQ
  • AB39 2AR
  • AB39 2AS
  • AB39 2AT
  • AB39 2AU
  • AB39 AW
  • AB39 2AX
  • AB39 2AY
  • AB39 2AZ
  • AB39 2BA
  • AB39 2BB
  • AB39 2BD
  • AB39 2BE
  • AB39 2BF
  • AB39 2BG
  • AB39 2BH
  • AB39 2BJ
  • AB39 2BL
  • AB39 2BN
  • AB39 2BP
  • AB39 2BQ
  • AB39 2BR
  • AB39 2BS
  • AB39 2BT
  • AB39 2BU
  • AB39 2BW
  • AB39 2BY
  • AB39 2BZ
  • AB39 2DA
  • AB39 2DB
  • AB39 2DD
  • AB39 2DE
  • AB39 2DF
  • AB39 2DG
  • AB39 2DH
  • AB39 2DJ
  • AB39 2DL
  • AB39 2DN
  • AB39 2DP
  • AB39 2DQ
  • AB39 2DR
  • AB39 2DS
  • AB39 2DT
  • AB39 2DU
  • AB39 2DW
  • AB39 2DX
  • AB39 2DY
  • AB39 2DZ

Flower Delivery in Stonehaven Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find Stonehaven's greatest flower online store?
Pick the most stunning flower you can. When you come to Anastasia florists’ flower online shop, we offer free same-day flower delivery and the freshest flowers available. The time to order and purchase is now!
What is the purpose of providing free same-day delivery?
The purpose is to prevent the spreading of viruses and to keep us protected. Same-Day Delivery is typically provided before noon in the morning to ensure that your purchases arrive as soon as feasible. After that, we offer free one-day shipping, which is delivered the following day.
Why do we give flower?
Giving flowers to someone you care about might help you convey your feelings and emotions. It also shows your care, concern, and help. So, order our best flower in Stonehaven right now; our flower store can offer you with any flower, and we will do everything we can to make you and your loved ones happy.
What are some of the benefits of Stonehaven delivery services?
Customers can expect delivery services to deliver things of all types and sizes while maintaining a high level of quality. These services allow individual clients to order the greatest flowers, bouquets, and other necessities.
When can I expect my order to arrive at Stonehaven?
Our Aberdeen flower shop offers free same-day flower delivery, so if you purchase before afternoon, you will have your flowers the same day. We are prepared to complete your delivery. Anastasia Florists will go above and beyond to please you.
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